French renovation and building projects

I can help you through the process of your renovation or building project, from planning permission through to completion of the building works by:


  • Recommending French registered architects to make the planning permission applications (permis de construire, declaration, certificate d’urbanisme, etc), arrange soil surveys and design and project manage the work.

Builders and Artisans

  • contacting reputable, reliable artisans to supply quotes for renovation and extensions
  • sourcing antique furniture, lighting, white goods, etc.

Building a swimming pool in France

  • arranging quotes to build your pool or spa
  • applying for permission with the local mayor

Septic Tank

  • septic tank – assistance with getting your fosse septique upgraded in line with new regulations


  • arranging with EDF for electricity poles to be replaced or moved if possible
  • liaising with gas, water and electricity suppliers to install a new supply or upgrade it


  • getting your telephone and internet lines installed
  • arranging visits to your local town hall (mairie) to discuss such things as boundary issues, local planning laws