Re-registering your car in France

Your car is essential in rural France and if you want to keep your UK car, for example, it is advisable to re-register it soon after your arrival here.

Re-registration can be a lengthy and complex process of form filling and gathering documentation, but the benefits are numerous.  In France, once you have re-registered you pay a one-off payment which corresponds to the size of your car engine.  After that, the only tax you have to pay is included in your fuel when you fill up or at toll booths.  The French MOT or Contrôle Technique is required only every two years (unlike the annual UK MOT) and it is much easier to get your car insured with French plates.

I can help you with:

  • making an appointment with a local garage to have the headlamps replaced (with blocs optiques) to meet European specifications
  • arranging the Contrôle Technique (compulsory roadworthiness text for your car if it is more than 4 years old)
  • applying for a Certificate of Conformity (the manufacturer’s assurance that the vehicle meets current relevant legislation) from the French head office of your car manufacturer
  • obtaining the Quitus Fiscal (confirming that there is no duty payable on the vehicle) from your local Centre des Impôts
  • completing the application documentation (Demande de certificate d’immatriculation) and ensuring all other documents are gathered for the re-registration process
  • accompanying you to the Prefecture to make the car registration

Cars - Other Areas I can assist with:

  • assistance with the purchase of a new or second hand car in France
  • selling your car
  • sourcing car insurance quotes
  • advising about penalty points on your licence and the driving rules and regulations
  • finding a local garage and arranging repairs for your vehicle and Contôle Technique