French Administration

French administration and paperwork (la paperasserie) can be complex and frustrating.  France is well known for its ‘red tape’! Gathering documentation and form filling can be time consuming and even minor problems sometimes become huge hurdles.

Here are some examples of the areas of administration I can help you with:

Financial affairs in France

  • obtaining insurance quotes for your house, contents, health top-up and vehicle
  • arranging currency transfers
  • passport renewals for expats in France
  • sourcing an accountant to answer your financial questions, tax queries or help you set up your business in France
  • obtaining a French mortgage quote

Phone calls on your behalf

Small problems can often be solved with a quick phone call such as:

  • speaking to EDF to clarify electricity bill queries, discussing a new contract, reporting a power cut, etc
  • arranging an appointment with a local vet for vaccinations or sorting out a health problem
  • making a complaint or chasing a furniture delivery
  • fixing an internet connection over the telephone (a frequent requirement after a storm in rural France!)

The French health system

This can often be a complicated process.  I can help you with:

  • obtaining documents from the UK which are required by the French health authorities
  • assistance with the process of registering with CPAM  and the health system
  • locating doctors, hospitals and dentists
  • attending meetings and appointments
  • explaining about the top-up insurance and dealing with quotes and queries

French Utility Services

After purchasing a property, contracts have to be signed with power companies, water suppliers and fuel delivery companies.  I can assist with for example:

  • re-connections and connections of power and water supplies
  • queries with the cost of bills, estimates and repairs
  • installing a new meter or upgrading the level of power
  • attending the property and waiting for the company to arrive to carry out the work

Opening a French bank account

It is a good idea to meet your local bank manager and discuss your needs face to face.
I can help you by:

  • arranging a meeting with the bank manager when you arrive and ensuring all the necessary documentation is prepared
  • explaining the various accounts on offer
  • assisting with internet access and general queries

Insurance and mortgage quotes

  • quotes for your house insurance and contents
  • sourcing mortgage quotes for house purchase and renovation projects

Accompanied visits

  • to the Mairie to discuss local queries, ask for information about planning etc
  • to the vet to arrange passports, vaccinations or a health problem
  • to the local school to enrol children, book and equipment lists for the new school year (la rentrée), dealing with school trips etc

Secretarial Support

I offer a full secretarial service to help you in your business.

French translations

Translations of documents are often required here in France.  Birth certificates have to be officially translated and stamped as part of the process of joining the French health system and qualifications are required to be officially translated for business set up requirements.  I can arrange for these documents to be translated for you


The list is endless and if I cannot help you directly I will point you in the right direction – for example to write your French will or source French language lessons when you arrive.